1.5 Inch Buckle ITW Nexus Side Release Flat Plastic Buckle

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ITW Nexus Side Release Flat SR Plastic Buckle 1.5" Width

One piece includes 1 male and 1 female buckle. The lock on these buckles is very strong and will not pop open by accident.

If you know a thing or two about buckles, you would know that the Nexus name is a very well made product. The Side Release buckle originally designed and invented by ITW Nexus in 1977, the Side Release Buckle has long been the industry standard for quick release functionality and design appearance. Designed center bar wings prevent both over flexure of arms and release under impact loading. The Ladderloc feature provides maximum webbing grip while allowing smooth and easy adjustment.

The Side Release Buckle has become a standard for both performance and appearance among molded buckles and fasteners. It is popular in applications involving backpacking and sporting gear, soft luggage, juvenile products and a wide range of other new and ingenious uses. The patented design is both functionally and esthetically superior.

100% manufactured in the USA