1 Inch Plastic Slides - Wide Mouth Heavy Duty Triglide Slides

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1 Inch Slide Specs -
Each Slot Width 1.0040 of an inch wide or 25.50mm / Each Slot Loop Width
Webbing Thickness .3540 of an inch tall or 9mm tall
Body Length end to end outside dimension 1.30 Inches or 33.21mm

Here are our brand of wide-mouth triglides, used for applications using webbing and straps that are 1 inch wide when the strap needs to be adjustable. Triglides are used to adjust length of webbing or strapping and to neatly manage the slack by doubling it over. Triglides can be used alone, but are usually used with side-release buckles and keepers. Triglide slides can be used on many types of projects using 1 inch webbing or strapping, such as collars, harnesses, belts, purses, backpacks and luggage etc. So many more applications when a strap needs to be adjustable.