5/8 Inch Aluminium Polished Metal Buckle

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5/8" Aluminum Polished Side Release Adjustable Buckle

These 5/8 inch polished aluminum adjustable side release buckles have a high polished finish. These polished aluminium buckles are light weight strong metal buckles. 5/8" polished aluminum buckles are .5 oz lighter then a standard zinc or alloy metal buckle. 

Dog Collars, belts, harnesses, backpacks, seat belts, and a lot more can be created with this versatile hardware.

Side release buckles feature an easy, one handed release design that avoids accidental release. There is a difference in regular side release buckles (flat) and contoured side release buckles, which may make a difference in which to use for your application. Regular side release buckles are ideal for projects that are straight or flat. Contoured side release buckles are designed to fit around curved surfaces.